How to Add Twilio Number to Go HighLevel


If you are just getting started with HighLevel, there’s an 80% chance you are struggling with Mailgun and Twilio. Being a HighLevel expert and someone who’s been using the platform for a long time, I can’t say it was easy for me back when I was getting started.

In this article, I’m gonna try and make things clear about Twilio and have a separate article on everything about Mailgun. Hope you find it useful.

There are two scenarios that you may face when connecting a Twilio number to your GHL account.

  1. Get a brand new number for your account.
  2. Connecting an existing number.

How To Purchase a New Twilio Number Using HighLevel

Now, when I say “purchase a number using HighLevel”, I mean signing up for Twilio, adding $20 to the account, connecting it with HighLevel, and then getting a number for your account.

In order to add Twilio to your GHL agency level, go to your agency level settings and click Twilio on the tab.

It will ask for API credentials which you will find on your Twilio Developer console. Fill up that information and boom – It’s connected.

About getting a new number for your account, This video guides you on how to purchase a Twilio number through GHL.

How To Add An Existing Twilio Number To One Of Your HighLevel Sub-accounts

Maybe you already have a Twilio number, or maybe you have purchased a number through Twilio and now you need to add it to one of your GHL accounts. Here are the instructions on how to do that.

You need to go to your agency level settings and click on Move Numbers.

All the next steps are shown in the link given above.

I hope the video was helpful. I didn’t try to repeat the instructions that’s already given by HighLevel support, just thought of guiding you to the right track as a lot of people seem to be having confusion about this. 


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