5 Website Improvement Ideas To Create An Impact In Your Sales


You are in your business’s virtual office through your website. Especially after what COVID has taught us, virtual offices are as much important as regular offices. That’s why you want it to look professional and neat, just like your regular workplace.

Besides, isn’t it nice to impress your guests when they first arrive at your house? You wouldn’t invite guests over for dinner, then not feed them because the house is cluttered, right? Your website should be no different.

I’ve seen, read, implemented, and most importantly, experienced with what should or should not we do on our websites in order to make them better. So, there’s no harm in trusting me as I speak from experience. Here are a few website improvement ideas that you can try:

1. Clarify Value Proposition

Value propositions, or mission statements, are statements that describe what exactly you do as a business/company, and why you do it. Now, you may be wondering that’s basic, but this is really important for you to understand because you have to understand how your audience thinks. They’re not gonna want to spend their brain figuring out what you do. However time they use thinking about it, you need to clarify the message within that.

Make your value proposition prominent on your homepage, preferably in the headline. You can include it in your blog or about page. If visitors hire you, buy your products, sign up for your newsletter or read your blog, be sure to tell them what they will get. This is how you are making them understand you easily and also making them aware of what value you are giving them.

This is a pretty good one to get started with – 

A really authentic value proposition!

2. It Must Have a Call to Action [CTA]

CTAs, or calls to action, are essential. Now that you have your users on your site, and they’re interested in what you’re offering, what will you do with them? Don’t forget to tell them!

Here are some CTAs that are commonly used:

  • Sign Up For Newsletter – You create a connection with your customers by having them sign up for your email list. The majority of email marketing software (the free MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) allows for easy inclusion of signup boxes.
  • Shop in your e-Commerce store – Place a few pictures of your products on your homepage to motivate buyers to click through, or position a prominent “Shop Now” button at the top.
  • Fill out a lead form – If your company sells services rather than products, encourage your visitors to fill out this form by giving them something in exchange. In order to follow up, it captures contact information.

3. Smooth Website Navigation

The navigation should be descriptive rather than generic “What We Do”. Make sure that your words reflect what your visitors are looking for as well as what they would use. Users can access your content with fewer clicks, and search engines can determine your relevance. So, that way, you are getting SEO benefits without having to work for it.

Here’s a little inspiration for smooth website navigation! Watch the full theme here.

Split your company’s offerings, history, packages, and any other sector into categorical pages. Make it easy for the users to roam around them without so much hassle.

4. Make It Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important website improvement ideas that you could use if you haven’t done it yet. Today’s websites need to be viewable on mobile devices. This is especially true for local businesses where customers may be searching on a smartphone from their car for a business nearby. A website that is not set up for mobile devices can be negatively downgraded in search engine results. 

If you give your site a facelift, make sure the new design is “responsive,” meaning it is responsive enough to adjust to mobile devices. The same goes if you purchase a template.

5. Be Consistent With Colors

Let’s get some exercise now. You can now go to your homepage. Take ten steps back from your computer after you have gotten up from your desk. Can you tell just by looking at your screen what it does? Try it with someone else if you can. Are they able to?

Colors are a great way to make your website visible in a very beautiful way. People remember brands from logos and colors. One of the reasons is our brains go the easiest way to memorizing something. 

Choose what color best suits your business!

Therefore, it’s really important to choose colors wisely and be consistent with that. 

To Sum Up

The list doesn’t end here. While there are so many other site improvement techniques you could go after, these are the primary ones you must take care of first.

I keep sharing these tips on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the site and the channel.

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